It’s video marketing tips time!

Are you doing videos for your business or maybe you’re thinking about doing videos for your business? … but you’re not quite sure where to share them when you’ve finished creating them.

In today’s video I want to share with you six places that I share my videos to get exposure for my business.


Now, one of the things I think you have to work at in the beginning is where are your ideal clients? And … where are you going to get your leads from?

Someone who has a very very young audience may be wanting to use Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook for their business. Whereas another business may prefer Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’m specifically doing videos for home business and small to medium business, people who want to build their business online, so I like to share my stuff on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook most of the time.

Here are the six places I will promote my video:

When I do a video, the first place that I upload it to is YouTube, and I do a series of steps which helps me optimise those videos, so putting in keywords, putting in the description properly, doing a few other steps that I do when I specifically upload to YouTube.

I then go and press all the little social share icons on the actual YouTube video.

Then I head on over to my LinkedIn profile and that’s where I can upload to my own profile, but I’m also a part of a collection of LinkedIn groups where I share that content.


** PRO-TIP: Now, I did get a little tip the other day from my friend Lisa Macqueen, she is from Cleaning Marketer, and she talked about how she shares a lot of content over and over, at least five pieces of content per day, on her LinkedIn profile, and that’s where she gets a lot of her clients.


Next step I head on over to Facebook, which is where I spend a lot of my time on social media, and I upload it, first of all, to my business page.

The next thing that I do is I boost the post so I do a Facebook boosted post.

If you don’t have a big audience on Facebook you might be wanting to be running a Facebook likes campaign as well to make sure that your audience is always building with new people.

This can be done just with $5 a day, it is super super simple. Now, the other thing that I do which has got me a tonne of leads in sales and clients is going and posting in Facebook groups.

I’ve actually done this in two different niches.

Now, if you go onto Facebook, you find specific groups that are specific to your niche, or where you know that your ideal client is going to be hanging out, so it might be local moms groups, it might be local business groups.

I have about a list of 100 home business groups that I post in every time I do a video. In fact, I don’t even do it, I get a virtual assistant to do it for me.

And the other thing that is super powerful is, of course, Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are killer right now so have a look into doing those.

It’s all great to do videos, but if you don’t distribute them properly people are just not gonna see your videos.

Make sure you are sharing and distributing your video well and consistently.

This will make a huge difference in the exposure your videos get.

I hope this information has helped you today.

You may want to share it with someone who is also trying to use video to get exposure for their business.

If you’re stuck on what to say in your videos, make sure you download my free video and blog post ideas cheatsheet here.

There are 103 ideas on there, so you’ll never run out of things to talk about ever again.

I have this printed and laminated next to my computer so I can reach for it whenever I have a mind blank.

Within minutes of looking through the suggested I come up with several cool ideas.

And remember to reach out to me if you have any questions …

Tracey Rose .. xx

Kat Mak