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One of the biggest reasons people don’t do videos or content for their business is because they don’t feel they have the time.

In today’s video I’m going to share with you an exercise I did with one of my teammates and we came up with a whole year’s worth of content in just 20 minutes.

She said “Tracey I’m feeling really overwhelmed” and I said, “OK let’s figure out what you want to do”.

She told me she wanted to do at least one video blog or video per week for her audience, so that’s 52 videos to come up with for the whole year.

The first thing I did was come up with a list of the holidays that are relevant for her audience in Australia.

Basically from this list she could do a post or a video that was themed around those holidays but then the major holidays or ones that she thought were more interesting to her audience or she could create more content around like say Christmas, we said well let’s do four Christmas themed posts.

We talked about doing a Christmas cooking video and another video topic where she could talk about coping emotionally around the holidays with the top five essential oils to keep emotions in check around the holiday period.

Overall she came up with 20 video topics very very easily that were themed.

The next thing I asked her was “do you have any posts or content from this last year that we’ve used that perhaps didn’t really reach a big audience?”

She replied “Oh yeah I’ve got 20 oil recipes that I’ve made up and I’ve created little Facebook you know image posts to go with them but I could do a video on those.”

PERFECT … there’s another 20 video posts already prepared.

Now we’re up to 40 video topics in about 10-15 minutes.

12 to go.

And .. this is where my handy little cheat sheet comes into play. It’s called the “103 video & blog post ideas” and this is downloadable for free here. With this handy cheat-sheet you’ll never run out of ideas to talk about in your videos and posts again.

I’ve laminated mine, so I can have it near my desk.

Then we brainstormed 12 more ideas to make up her 52.

I asked her if there are any tools or technology that you would like to showcase. I know that she has some beautiful diffusers in her home that she uses with her essential oils and I said, “not everyone knows what diffusers are or how to work them or why you would need one as opposed to maybe an oil burner, so why don’t you do a video on reviewing one?” or she could do a post on the different types of diffusers on the market.

Another video content idea is to go to events. Go to your industry events take notes and then go create a video about what you’ve learned.

I also suggested to her that she interview some other home business mums having success to talk about building their business from home and balancing their work & lifestyle with a family.

The next idea is to do a post about doing “things on a budget” and “debunking beliefs/myths” about certain products.

She could create a “Beginner’s guide to using essential oils” and everybody loves a hacks video, so if you’ve got a cool hack that makes someone’s life easier, then do a video on that.

In the end we came up with 52 video content ideas in about 20 minutes! Yipppee!

You may take a bit longer if you have never done this before or don’t have previous content to re-use, but spend as long as you want to come up with a whole year’s worth of video content ideas. You will thank yourself for taking the time to do this in the coming weeks and months.

Tracey Rose .. xx

Tracey Rose Jan 2018 HEADSHOT