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I have a story for you today that may explain why you aren’t getting the results you want yet.

And … even if you are getting some results … this will help you step up your game even more.

I hear too many people complain about their lack of results, but when I get an overview of their activities, I can see plain as day as to where they’re going wrong.

Watch and enjoy the story … this is from a FacebookLIVE I did with my friend Lesley Ware, so skip to 4 mins 10 secs where I get into the story of “The Ski Rescue Marketing┬áMethod”

Enjoy ..

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We’re starting this Thurs/Fri 9/10th March 2017 (depending which country you are in – I’m in Australia – Lesley is in the US)

I hope you got value from this video and gave you some inspiration to get organised with your marketing strategies.

I’m excited for the month ahead – YAY!

Lots of Marketing Love,

Tracey .. xx