What is the real purpose of a goal and how do you set one properly?

I’ve been studying a lot of work with Bob Proctor and his team.

And he is one of the, if not the most successful success coach in the world and he works with people on goal setting and achieving those goals.

Now, a lot of people think that the purpose of a goal is to just get more stuff, get a better house, get a better car, go on holidays, what other things that you want. But we’ve got it a little bit wrong here.

The real purpose of a goal is to grow.

And as we grow, those things, that stuff, the big house, the big car, if that’s what you want, that can be a result of your growth. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting that cool stuff.

You’ll realise that there can be even bigger goals.

You can change the world.

You can make an impact on perhaps the environment.

Now, like I said, I’ve been working with Bob Proctor’s team after I met him in LA recently. And the way that we’ve set out our goals is going through a process and basically I have my goals written down.

Here’s the process I do each day.

  • I have a little whiteboard here, plus I’ve got some of these whiteboard markers. So I write my goal on my whiteboard that sits by my desk.
  • I also took this whiteboard marker and wrote on my mirror. I also have an app on my phone which is like a voice loop app, which I recorded my goal, plus other affirmations that work with that as well.
  • Each day I am reading my goal when I wake up. I’m reading my goal when I get ready. I’m listening to my goal at short intervals during the day.
  • I’m also spending a little bit of time imagining what my life is like when I have my goal. And each day I also write a couple of steps of things that I could do today that will get me closer to my goal.

Setting goals and reaching them really is a science.

I hope that helps 🙂


For more Bob Proctor training … or to get access to the live stream of the event that I went to, click here. You will love it!

Tracey … xx

Bob Proctor