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Welcome to this new video on Periscope How To Use It & Get 3-5 Leads P/Day.

Periscope How To UseHave you heard about this whole Periscope thing?

Are you intrigued, but not sure if you want to waste time learning ANOTHER social media tool?

Well, I would say that Periscope is more like an addition.

It’s so simple to use and implement, it really doesn’t take up a lot more time … but it can get you a whole lotta exposure and increase your credibility exponentially.

Periscope can also get you a NEW worldwide audience.

You’ll be able to reach people you’ve never been able to reach before.

Periscope is THAT powerful. I was actually skeptical about Periscope in the beginning.

I thought … oh no … just another time suck … I just didn’t want to learn it all.

I thought it would be super complicated and not as easy as everyone was saying, but there’s a HUGE advantage to using Periscope too.

And that is … Periscope has over a million users, BUT only a very small percentage of those are actually “Scopers” which means lots of people watch Periscope, but not many people use it or broadcast it … does that make sense?

Let me explain it in another way.

Basically you have a HUGE captive audience, but very few leaders making scopes and giving valuable content out to the world.

This means you’re ahead of the game.

You can be an early adopter! Hardly anyone knows how to use it … and those that do .. only a select few know how to use it to their advantage and get business from it.

What Is Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming app. Which means you can video yourself or a place you’re at and broadcast it to the world. People can log in and watch your “Scope” and they can comment and ask you questions. You can’t see or hear the viewers, but you can read their comments that come up on the screen.

So, today’s video is all about Periscope how to use it AND get 3-5 leads p/day from it. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.


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Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

Lots of love and abundance … xx


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