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Free challenge groups seem to be all the rage for marketing your business these days!

Have you seen them?

For example there’s:

  • 5 Day Law Of Attraction Challenge group
  • 10 Day Grow Your Instagram Challenge group
  • 30 Day Healthy Eating Challenge group

And .. I’ve done the 5 Day Video Challenge group

They’re a great way to add value to your audience and teach people something, which then leads onto an offer to work with you more.

It’s not JUST to sell, but it’s also a great way to gain trust, gain credibility and become more well known in your niche.

My friend Kat Mak and I have been running these challenges for a few weeks now and we are attracting a LOT of people .. in fact we had over 120 people in our very first video challenge.

This led onto a paid 10 Day Challenge and some personal clients too.

Now .. because we have been able to attract a lot of people, other marketers have been asking us how we get so many people into our group.

In today’s video I share with you the steps we took to attract all these amazing ideal prospects to us.



Well, first of all, I think what you gotta do is change that mindset in, we’re not trying to get people. Take the idea that you’ve gotta make a sale out of it.

And … the second thing is, you’ve gotta know that you’re gonna provide value, and hopefully get people a result in a very short period of time.

Let me share with you a couple of the strategies that Kat and I both used to get that many people coming into our group and excited to learn from us.

To start, Kat just did something really, really simple. She reached out to people who she knew would like the information. Kat knew that they were into online marketing ’cause we were doing a five-day video challenge. She privately messaged them and said, “Hey, we’re doing a five-day video challenge … I’m doing it with Tracey … do you wanna come and be part of our group, it’s free.”

See how easy that is?

The next thing that I did is approach my email list. I shared what I was doing and I said to people, “let me know if you’d like me to add you to the group” … or … “Here’s the link”

Then I put it on my business page, and I told people what we were doing.

I then did it on my personal page. You don’t have to put it on your personal page (some people like to keep their page separate) … but I have a lot of online business and home business and network marketing friends, so I know it would be relevant for them. And when I said I was doing the challenge a lot of people said, “Yes!”

By this stage we had about 60 people in the group and I think we had another 24 hours to go and I had a goal of bringing 100 people into this group because I really wanted to make an impact. So you know what I did? I went into all these home business groups where I know people are active, and I told them I was doing the five-day challenge. I explained what I would be sharing in the challenge and what kind of result they could get by participating.

Then .. I took it a step further and this is what most people don’t do.

This is the thing with marketing.


People go, “How do you market online?”

Well, I’m kind of willing to do what most people can’t be bothered to do. So that night before the challenge started, I went into home business groups, and guess what? I pressed Live. I went Facebook Live-ing in every single group, in all these different groups.

If you think about it, in those home business groups, not a lot of people will actually go live on Facebook Live in that group. They’ll post stuff, they’ll post their products, they’ll pitch stuff, right? But I was going in there.

And even if only one or two people were getting on the Live, I know that after a while, people are going to see that video. So I only went live for a few minutes in each video, and just said what we were doing, and I invited people to come join the group.

During that 24 hours or the night before, I just hustled. But I did hustling in a, I would say I took love-based action 🙂

I just really knew that this group would help people.

If you are authentic and you actually want to help people, people will be attracted to you.

If you don’t have a big audience, go and get in front of those people. Go live, and do things that other people won’t do.

I always remember, one of my first video mentors, Mark Harbert saying, “When everyone’s zigging, you zag.” So when everyone’s posting all their crap and pitching their products and whatever, you need to zag. Do a FacebookLIVE and offer people value for free instead.

That’s pretty much how we got 120 people into our first five-day video challenge.

** One more thing I wanted to add about this and getting people into your challenge group, don’t just add random people without asking them first. That’s called spamming, and people will get really annoyed.

So do the other methods that I’ve said in this video, and let me know how you go in your challenge group.

Tracey .. xx


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