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Would you like to know how to manifest more of the things that you want into your life?

And in the process I’ll show you how I manifested these beautiful Easter baskets that I got last week.

I won them in a raffle, but I did it on purpose …

I know that sounds a little bit funny, but I’m going to share with you exactly what I did to manifest winning the raffle of these two beautiful baskets, and how you can do the same things, now I’ve got
a little step by step process that I’m gonna share with you.

So here’s the story first.

So there was an Easter raffle going on at a local club near my house and a friend of mine had told me about it.

She said come along to the Easter raffle. I thought hey, this sounds like a bit of fun and I’ve been toying with the idea of manifesting more things in my life and I thought hey I wonder if I can manifest winning some of these Easter prizes, so this is a big clue, prior to even going to the Easter raffle, I decided, I decided, make a decision, I decided that I was going to win, already prior, so in advance, I already made a decision in advance, in advance that I was going to win some of these prizes and that I was going to be walking out of that room holding baskets in my arms, almost like my arms were going to be full of Easter prizes.

Then the next thing  did was I visualised. So I visualised what was going to happen so I visualised literally what these bags, Easter baskets kind of looked like, obviously I couldn’t tell exactly, but I did totally visualise my arms like this and being full of Easter prizes. It was almost like a memory, but a memory that hadn’t quite happened yet, but my brain didn’t understand that, so your brain doesn’t understand whether it’s real or whether it’s imagined, whether you’ve actually had the memory or not, I imagined that I was remembering what had happened on the night of the Easter raffle.

Now the next thing I did was expect and appreciate. So I expected to totally win, like I didn’t go to the Easter raffle like, wondering if I’m gonna win, I literally expected that I was going to be coming home with a basket, and I kept telling my friend that I was already going to win and here’s where the appreciation thing comes in, right? I appreciate, I’m like thankful and grateful for winning the prizes, now think about this. Now if you were giving an Easter basket to a friend, okay, say you won this Easter basket, say you won this one, this one here, say you won this Easter basket and you gave it to a friend. 

Now what would happen if they didn’t say thank you?

And they didn’t appreciate the gesture, if they didn’t appreciate you giving them the Easter basket do you think that you’d want to give them any more presents or an Easter basket again next year?


Probably not, where as if you gave someone an Easter basket and they
were like Oh my god thank you so much, they were really appreciative, they were just
so grateful and thankful that you’ve given it to them, it kinda makes you go, oh that’s nice,
it’s a good feeling, and you’d love to do it again, ’cause you know how much they appreciate it and it makes them feel good and it makes you feel good.

Be specific in what you want. 

I decided and I knew and I expected that I was going to win more than one prize and it’s kind of funny, so when we got to, when we got to the club and we’re in this room called the auditorium,
there were moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and kids running everywhere.
There was hundreds of people, and yet, less than 100 baskets and so we bought all of our tickets, right?

And first of all, one of my ticket numbers came up and I went and got this basket and I sat down,

so I knew that I was going to win at least two, but I was telling my friend this and they were kind of laughing at me, but I had expected, because I was really specific that I was going to be carrying out baskets in both hands okay, I was specific with my request to the universe, so being specific in what you want, vague requests will get you vague results, be really specific.

So then, when my second ticket number came up the guy looked at me and he’s like … “again?”

And I was like, “yeah, I know … I almost feel greedy.”

Now, I was also very very thankful and this basket here is actually going to my friend.

I’m sharing the love, I’m sharing the prizes.

Now, the next thing is that you want to practise.

So this is not the first time that I’ve manifested things so all in all it was a fun Easter raffle, I came home with lots and lots of Easter eggs and I love now that I can tell this story to you, so in manifesting, I’ll quickly go over my little list of reminders again.

  • Decide what you want ahead of time.
  • Visualise as if you’re
  • visualising a memory.
  • Appreciate and expect your results.
  • Start small if you need to.
  • Practise and be very specific.

So I hope you enjoyed my fun little story about manifesting Easter baskets, and it helps you start to manifest things, now, if you want a book to help you along on the way, this is one I’ve been reading at the moment called E square by Pam Grout, and it says nine do it yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.

So enjoy if you would like more information about how I utilise my mindset, building a business from home, manifesting stuff into my life, make sure you are subscribed to my email list.

Happy Manifesting!

Tracey Rose .. xx