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Are you trying to build your own WordPress blog?

Or maybe you are looking to update your existing blog and want to use the famous Divi theme everyone’s been talking about.

I love Divi and have been building blogs using this theme for a few years now.

The thing with Divi is .. you can make it as simple or complicated as you like.

Unfortunately most people who aren’t very experienced in building WordPress blogs, they get themselves in a right mess.

The reason is because there are so many options in the Divi builder, that people get totally confused and then don’t know how to undo all their mistakes.

Don’t worry I have done this too .. LOL!

But I spent a few months practicing and building dummy blogs using Divi just so I could create a fresh, modern, clean design whilst taking advantage of Divi’s awesome features.

Below is a class I taught where I show you how to create a beautiful Divi style blog in WordPress .. all in 3 hours.

I spare no details.

I share everything in this WordPress Divi class. Enjoy!

Has this online tutorial helped you?

Share your WordPress Divi blog link below so we can check it out and support you 🙂

Tracey .. xx

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