Have you ever wondered how people do those square meme type videos, maybe you’ve seen them on Facebook, they have a video in the middle usually with some text at the top and bottom and is in a square.

In today’s video I’m going to share with you how to create those little style videos.

They’re very, very cool, super popular on Facebook, and they get clicked more than just a general video.

So … as I was searching around how to do this, initially I found tutorials that used complicated editing software programs.

But then I found some apps. Woohoo!

Some apps work better than others.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.08.51 pmToday I’ll show you one I use … I created my first square meme video with my cat Daisy using the app called Square Fit.


Now you might’ve noticed these style videos tend to be quite short.

Most people have such a short attention span on social media.

Also make sure they are entertaining, or short, sharp and punchy and educational.

This is the type of video that is more likely to be shared as well.

Download the SquareFit app here from the iTunes store, get a bit creative, and see what results you get with those square style videos.

I hope this little techie tip has helped you today and you got value from it.

Share with someone if you think this is going help them as well … especially if they’ve been trying to figure out how to do those types of videos.

Have an amazing day!

Tracey … xx


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