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Should you really brand yourself in network marketing?

This is a question asked by many home business people as they try to build their business online.

The reason they ask is because most actual network marketing companies don’t provide training on how to do this .. or even want you to do this.

So .. why SHOULD you brand yourself instead of your company?


One of the biggest problems I see, especially in network marketing, is people get into a business opportunity and then they plaster that business opportunity all over their Facebook wall and everywhere, it’s like they’re spewing it all out of everywhere. Brand this, brand that, product shot here, product shot there.

But it’s particularly important to share with you a little bit of psychology about why it’s important to brand you in this day and age.

Plus I’m also going to give you an example of what has happened to people, including myself, when I didn’t brand myself in a company.

First … in this day and age, people buy from people and brands they like and trust, which means you need to become the type of person and brand that people like and trust.

When you brand you, you are creating trust, credibility and authority in the eyes of your prospect. Now, if you already have a business, just think about those top leaders in your niche. They have a brand, people follow them. They’re usually creating content and giving value to their audience, and you need to do the same.

You need to brand yourself to set yourself apart from the marketplace. Otherwise what’s the difference in someone buying from you and the other person that’s flogging same the products … and who is also pasting the company name and brand everywhere?

The best thing is you are the only you, so you can set yourself apart by just being yourself. But, you know, your best self. You’re gonna have to put your best foot forward.

Another reason you need to build that brand around you is because unfortunately, network marketing companies and MLM and affiliate companies come and go.

I know you’re thinking my business is not going anywhere, but what happens if it did?

I’ve seen MANY a business, (even ones that have been around for a long time) crash and burn, or maybe an upline left or maybe comp plan changed and you had to switch companies or maybe there was some reason you had to stop being with that company.

I remember a few years ago I was in a company that I thought I would be in for life. I’m actually glad this happened at the start of my online and home-business career because it made me realise that I need to brand myself ’cause I had pretty much branded the company the whole time, and then when that company crashed and burned I was like oh crap, I have to rebrand all again, find a new company, and then I was like oh, that’s what they were talking about when I had learned some of my marketing stuff a little while ago about branding yourself.

Ultimately people want to buy from people.

People don’t connect with faceless brands and product shots.

Tracey .. xx


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