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How do you feel about your sub-conscious mind?

It is holding you back … or propelling you towards your dreams?

You see … what I have realised is that no matter what marketing strategies we put out there …

Whether it’s FacebookLIVE videos, blogging, Instagram or Snapchat …


We are either:

* Programmed for success


* We are stuck getting the same results over and over because our subconscious mind is still programmed with our past conditioning.


Yes, your subconscious mind conditioning will have an affect on how people respond to your marketing …


Weird huh!


But it’s science … and … no matter how many FacebookLIVE videos you do … or how many sales calls you make …

Your conditioning will keep bringing you back to the limitations it knows.

Sometimes people do get some results, but if the inner mind hasn’t caught up with the outer success, you will be pulled backwards again pretty soon.


Soooooooo ….


How do you actually make lasting and significant change?


Well … I’ve done this almost accidentally several times in my life …


And as a result:

1) I’ve had the blissful natural birth of my dreams

2) I’ve overcome 4 years of depression naturally

3) I’ve upgraded my home

4) And … I’ve become and award winning home business marketer


This is not to brag …


***This is so you’ll sit up and take notice***


I made those things happen by shifting my subconscious mind conditioning.

To make the REAL & LASTING CHANGES you need to be programmed for success.

The best way I’ve seen this explained is by Bob Proctor.

I’m literally obsessed.

The video below is about how to program your mind for success and how to live more in flow, so results come easier to you.

This totally makes sense the way Bob Proctor explains it.

I was like — “DUH”

And .. when it clicks, you start making it work.


*** Maybe you’ve actually heard of this concept before and you’re like .. “yeah yeah, I know this Tracey”

But do you really KNOW it?

Like .. is it imprinted into your soul?

Because if it is then your results would possibly be different.

Hmmmmm …

At 7mins 45secs of the video my mind was blown!

But make sure you watch from beginning to end to really grasp the concept to make it work.

I’ve had this stuff playing on repeat in my house lately because I want it to sink it like a baby soaks up new words.


There’s a shift going on in my world … and if you are reading this, then I know you resonate with this.

Maybe you’re going through a big shift too 🙂

Watch the video below …

A few times if you have to.

Really absorb it and start making significant shifts in your life and business results.

This is the good stuff.

Enjoy the video.



Did you get value from that video? And how does it make you feel?

Perhaps empowered like I do every time I watch it.

Let me know in the comments below.

I appreciate you and I want the best for you.

Warm hugs,

Tracey .. xx

Bob Proctor