OMG! … I just got to interview Bob Proctor at the Paradigm Shift event in Los Angeles.

Bob is considered the most successful and is probably the most famous success coach in the world today.

And … as I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby typing this ready to catch my flight back to Sydney, Australia .. I am still buzzing from the experience.

To say the event and meeting Bob Proctor was anything short of phenomenal, soul-shifting and incredible would be a lie.

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with the great man to ask a few important questions.


So .. how did I get some one-on-one time with Bob? …

Even though there were hundreds of people at the event from all over the world?

He’s such a busy man, but he is always very present with every person he talks to.

He actually taught me what to do to land that interview with him.

The interview was short, but powerful and exactly what I needed to hear.

OK .. so here’s how it went down.

First I visualised myself doing the interview

I got two questions prepared

I contacted his team via email to ask if they could get me access to Bob for an interview

I organised a gift to be sent to Bob with a card telling him how much I loved the event and signed it from Tracey Rose, Sydney, Australia (this was not so that he would do the video in return, rather I would perhaps be a bit more memorable when I met him face-to-face)

I went to attend the last day of the seminar knowing that the opportunity for the event would present itself – and when it did I would know this is it!

I sat at my table and during the morning and then I HEARD A VOICE.

But not from anyone in the room

It was from inside … an intuitive/divine voice saying“Go to the side of the room” … at first I questioned the voice, but I heard it over and over … “Go to the side of the room”

I looked over and decided to start walking in that direction.

As I reached the side of the room I just stood there.

I then heard a guy from Bob’s team, say “Hi … I just received your email about wanting an interview with Bob”

He seemed doubtful Bob would have time for an interview, but I was persistent and he said he’d see what he could do.

I walked back to my seat and sat down.

Another speaker came on stage and then short while later … I heard the voice AGAIN!

“Walk over to the side of the room” … it said

Really? … I questioned

Several times the voice repeated .. “Go to the side of the room”

So I followed and walked to the side of the room again and there he was!

Bob Proctor himself …. talking with the guy I had spoken with prior.

I walked up and introduced myself and he noticed I was from Australia … and remembered I had sent him a gift.

He thanked me and we hugged.

I then asked him for an interview and he agreed to do it the next day, which was an extra day on the end of the conference with different speakers.

Then the next day I was in the conference room thinking about how I was going to get my time with Bob. Where would I find him? .. or access him? …

I then got a text message that my kids were trying to call me from home.

I walked out of the room to video chat with them.

After the call I sat there thinking about where my Bob Proctor interview opportunity might present itself.

Then I heard his voice … for real .. not just a voice in my head .. LOL

I got up and walked down the hall towards him and there he was chatting with a couple who had also attended the event.

This is my chance! … I thought … and so I waited until he was finished and asked for the interview he had promised me. I had my phone and selfie stick ready to record.

He agreed and I got my wish!




It was worth flying all the way from Sydney to L.A. just for that 2 minutes.


And now I get to share his wisdom with you.



The event was incredible and I highly recommend it if you want to make big shifts in your life.


The LiveStream is here if you want to watch it … I would also recommend attending LIVE.


It will change your life.


Bob Proctor