I have worked from home for a few years now … but I wasn’t always very productive.

In fact, I was soooo used to working in a job with hourly deadlines (in the newsroom) that when I became my own boss with NO deadlines it was a bit of a disaster actually .. LOL!



So … today I thought I’d share some of my best tips on how to be┬ámore productive working from home.

First tip is to actually get up and get dressed for your day.

It’s tempting to sit around in your PJ’s and that’s kinda what some people think I actually do .. LOL!

But if you really want to make serious money, I have to shift my energy into high gear and be productive … and my jimmy-jams just don’t invoke that kind of mindset for me. And it’s not just me .. many of my entrepreneur friends feel the same.

Clearly we don’t have to adhere to any strict office attire rules though … I usually wear a dress and flip-flops (I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney so that’s pretty standard dress-code) and I 90% of the time I do my hair and make up .. and finish off with some nice earrings.

Watch the video for the 8 other tips to help you work more productively from home.

And … do YOU have any great tips that I didn’t mention?

Comment below and please share your idea … I’d love to know.

Lots of Marketing Love,

Tracey .. xx