Are you trying to attract people to your business via Facebook?

There are a few things that you can do to your profile that will help attract people to you and increase your conversions.

I want to make sure that you are not repelling people, so here are 7 steps to change your Facebook profile today.

Tip #1 is to make sure that you have a smiling and approachable profile picture. And even better, my friend, Keysha Bass, suggested that you even have a profile video.

Tip #2 is all about your timeline or your cover photo. You know the photo that goes along the top that’s quite long? Make that lifestyle. And can I please, please say, do not put company branding on these. You wanna create curiosity on your profile. You know, when you brand your company, basically you’re doing your company a big favour by marketing them, but if people want to contact me or find out more about the company that I’m involved with, I want them to come to me for the information, not Google.

Tip #3 is to go to your profile and check have you filled out the Intro section. I have either keywords or key phrases so that people knowing automatically what I’m about and I’ve added in some emojis as well. So make sure you actually have that filled out.

Tip #4 is to make sure that your About section is also filled out because if people are wondering about you, getting to know you, if you’re connecting with them and networking with new people, they’re usually gonna go and face-stalk you first, so making sure that your Intro and also your About section are filled out is super, super important.

Tip #5 is all about your featured photos. Make sure that the type of featured photos that you have are the types of message that you want to be putting across to your potential prospect. So select your featured photos very, very carefully.

Tip #6 is make sure your profile is actually set to public. You’d be really surprised that some people who I know are marketing online, and yet their profiles are private. So if I’m not a friend of yours, but you’ve potentially sent me a friend request, I’m gonna go look at your profile. Now if I see that there’s maybe only something from two years ago when you set your profile to private, I’m gonna wonder if you are really serious about your business or actually if you’re even active.

And the last thing (tip #7) is something people totally forget to enable their Follow button.

So I hope this video has helped you.

If you know someone who is trying to attract business on Facebook, please share with them this video.

Remember, people are always gonna come and face-stalk you and if you have these things in place, it’s going to increase those conversions. Let’s be honest, you face-stalk people, I face-stalk people. 

Have an amazing day and let me know if you have questions.

Tracey Rose .. xx


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