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In today’s video I’m going to share with you FOUR ways to stand out in your home business videos.

How about by making them visually interesting?

Maybe you’re a bit of a hair girl like me and you like to wear hair pieces and do nice hairdos.

Pets work really well too, which is why I love having my cat, Daisy in my videos … plus she’s so fluffy and cute!!!

Getting together with a friend and doing a video also captures people’s attention.

But gimmicks aside, one of the biggest things about capturing people’s attention with videos is actually doing videos consistently.

Forget the cute kitty cat.

Forget the hairdos.

If you are consistent and you provide value, whereas you’re not pitching people and trying to sell your products all the time.

If you are providing value that your audience deems interesting, valuable, helpful, funny, entertaining, they will like your videos and you will capture attention.

Videos is a longterm game plan.

Yes, you can get great results really, really quickly with videos, but think of it as a longterm plan. You’re providing a lot of info, a resource of information, if you’d like, that you can tap into time and time again.

This is my point with videos … I want to create videos on lots of topics that I get asked all the time.

So when people ask me these questions over and over and over again,

I get to leverage these videos and send people the videos instead of having to answer people all individually.

So provide value, be consistent, be visually interesting, and the last one is make sure you are creating videos on topics and key words that you’re audience is actually interested in and searching for.

Videos are such a great way to gain leverage in your business, attract customers and clients/team mates to you and also stand out in the crowd.

And if you’re worried about what do I say in my videos, well, I’ve got you covered there too. I have a downloadable cheat sheet here called 103 Video and Blog Post Ideas, so you will never run out of things to talk about.

Tracey .. xx