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In today’s video, I’m going to share with you how to get rid of those crickets on your social media newsfeed and how you can actually generate a whole tonne of engagement on Facebook.

I’m going to give you 10, but actually you can get a whole lot more because I’ve actually taken some of these from a huge, valuable download from my friend, Jen Johnson.

Enjoy the video 🙂

If you go to her website you will find a downloadable cheat sheet which is 44 social media posts that will kill crickets in your newsfeed.

#1 Furry friend posts get lots of engagement. So it could be your own pet, this is Daisy, the marketing cat, who is very grumpy which is not unusual. Or it could be a friend’s dog that you’re walking or it could, okay, she’s really cranky.

#2 “Ya feel me?” kind of post ..Like struggles. So like maybe a parenting struggle. I know that I struggle to get kids out in the morning and looking like half decent and not being totally frazzled so I could post something about that and be like, oh my god, do you feel me? And that’s gonna get engagement because ya feel me kinda posts are completely relatable.

#3 Travel posts are always amazing. People love to see people travelling around the world, if not have a little bit of jealousy that they’re not doing it as well, but it definitely causes engagement in your post.

#4 Don’t be afraid to promote what you’re doing. I don’t know about you. I know that a lot of people are like, no, you’ve got to have your business and private life separate, but my business is my passion and it is part of my life. So, of course I’m gonna share some of that.

Tip #5 is what I’m doing right now. I’m literally spotlighting someone else. I’m doing this video and I’m pretty much like, hey, this is where I got it. Jen Johnson’s an amazing marketer, definitely need to go download the rest of the social media post because she has a fantastic download.

I’m not sharing about Jen Johnson and telling you how wonderful she is because I want her to reciprocate. It’s not about that. What I want is, I want to build a culture around me of people that celebrate others

#6 is breakthroughs that you have. Now this could be a personal breakthrough. Just share that personal breakthrough ’cause it could help someone else. Or it could be even a techie breakthrough or it could be a parenting breakthrough and you could share a tip that you learned or some just realisation that you had.

#7 is share a story. So share something about your life. Let me give you an example. So the last six months I’ve kind of struggled with my daughter. She’s had some really full-on health challenges and I was trying to kind of like always hold it together and look like I was like, you know, supermom, but, you know what? Life is life and there’s gonna be ups and downs in that and I thought I would just share people what I’ve been going through. And, in fact, it was a picture of my daughter and I and what has happened and how I’ve struggled to, I guess, support her emotionally and even my own emotional health had been rocked because of the stress that we’d been under. And it was pretty amazing because I had so many people reach out to me. I also had over 200 reactions on that post, over a hundred comments and it was just, I guess people got an insight into my life that they hadn’t realised.

#8 Life updates is another one. I’m gonna point out my teeth right now, okay? I was actually afraid to share this. I was trying to hide this from the world as well. But I was really embarrassed because I had, I had some trouble with a couple of teeth and I had to get two removed and they’re in spots, like they’re sort of around here and here. You obviously can’t see them now, but it really affected my confidence. Doing videos, hello, and my smile. And I really didn’t like the fact that they had basically, I had ruined my smile through not looking after myself and a few other reasons, but I was really embarrassed about it. Moving forward, though, I decided to share and, of course, it is relatable.

#9 is toys. People love sharing toys. Now, for me, toys is kind of technology stuff. So I know when I get a new phone, when I get a new computer or perhaps you get a new car like share that and celebrate that on social media because that is relatable. You’ll definitely get engagement.

#10, the most important, is to do videos. I can’t even imagine actually getting any business if I didn’t do videos. Like I really think you don’t have to work as hard if you do videos because people really engage with you so much quicker and there’s this relatability, there’s this trust factor, there’s this credibility factor that just goes sky high when you start doing videos even if you don’t have results.

I hope this has helped you. If you know someone who could use these tips to start getting results on their social media, I would appreciate you forwarding them this page.

Have an amazing day and let me know if you have questions.

Tracey Rose .. xx


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